Katapix Media will make your business grow with the creation and execution of communication strategies for social networks, which help enhance the ecosystem of your brand. Our goal is to achieve customer loyalty.

We have a variety of products, ranging from social media management, definition of digital ecosystems, creation of communication strategies in social networks, and content development for digital communities, among others.

We have a working methodology divided into three phases:



For the creation of a good digital strategy, it is important to know the digital environment of the brand, to make a diagnosis, to check what the competition is doing, and the category in order to have a starting point. This accompanied with a brand workshop, in which the client acknowledges what his brand has to transmit as well as the company’s vision.



Having a general strategy will focus our efforts, thus increasing the engagement withe the brand, and generating a point of evaluation of our work. This will help create the structure of how the brand will be seen in digital media.



This phase will be the management of the account based on the overall strategy. The client will have access to content planning and activities, in addition to the monthly reports in which he will be able to find trends, demography, scope, interaction, growth and other results of what is being done in his Social Networks.

This way, we will keep our client networks updated, taking care of  the good image and  the reputation of the brand.